U.Kdistributors for ZRP forged connecting rods and crankshafts. 

ZRP connecting rods
Exelixis motorsports European drag record breaking Nissan GTR using ZRP stroker kit. 
James Deane ZRP sponsored Drifter 
Danni Murphy ZRP sponsored drifter 
ZRP connecting rods 
ZRP connecting rods are forged from high tensile steel 4340. They are designed for high performance and extreme durability.ZRP connecting rods are available in H-beam and I-beam shape and some models come in a light weight version. For superior tolerances ZRP connecting rods undergo CNC machining. 
Some of our standard machining procedures include silicon bronze bushing with radial grooves, alignment of sleeves for precise cap location , optimal balancing for weight matched sets (+/- 1gr) , the center to center is kept to 001” tolerance and the small and big end are honed to +/-.0001 with state-of-the-art Sunnen hones. Finally we process them with shot peening for an improved fatigue life. 
ZRP connecting rods come exclusively with ARP 2000 series or ARP8740 bolts and for extreme application we can offer you ARP L19 series bolts. Our connecting rods are rated in excess of 200HP per cylinder and priced for the everyday user. 
ZRP Billet Crankshafts 
ZRP billet Crankshafts are constructed from 4340 steel. Every single ZRP Crankshaft is designed carefully from our experience for the best possible engine performance. Our crankshaft production process consists of very detailed inspections to ensure that they have the best quality and tolerance for extreme applications. 
The production process comprises from the following: CNC machining for more precise results, multi-stage heat treatment, Nitride process for hardening and heat treatment for superior wear resistance , Magna-fluxing for flawless surface finish, Shot peening for more improved fatigue resistance, Micro-polishing for longer bearing life and finally Journal radio disperse load stress. 
Our crankshafts also feature straight oil holes for best oiling to the rod journals. The Ultra light weight has drilled main and rod journals form weight reduction. The light weight which features knife edged shaped counterweights to reduce weight and increase crankshaft aerodynamics. Finally the standard design which feature solid counterweights for maximum durability and increased crankshaft momentum. ZRP uses Sunnen machine for unique crankshaft balancing. Our Crankshafts are balanced 1gr.cm +/- 0.1 for the 4 cylinders and 2gr.cm +/- 0.1 for the 6 cylinders. 
All ZRP Crankshafts are fully balanced and ready to install. 
ZRP Stroker kits 
ZRP stroker kits are specifically designed for professional racers. Our engineers have combined the highest quality materials and the latest forging and machining technology. ZRP has focused on European and Japanese engines and has expanded the range for stroker kits to fit the racing industry’s needs. Our stroker kits can be thought as the ideal solution for an effective easily installed racing application. 
ZRP has 3 different types of billet crankshafts which are ultra light weight, light weight and standard designed counterweights. In our stroker kits we use only H-beam connecting rods and Wossner or JE pistons. In most stroker kits you will find ACL race series main and rod bearings for maximum power and reliability. They are available for Turbo and N/A use. 
All ZRP components in the stroker kit adhere to the most strict quality assurance techniques. 
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